Minutes of Parish Council Meeting, 9th March 2023, 7:30pm

Parish Council Clerk: Philip Edwards | Tel: 07988 471568 | clerk@hintonblewettpc.co.uk


Councillors Present: T Bowler, D Duckett (Chairman), C Elliott, D Elliott, D Huffadine (Vice Chairman) and A Mills.
Also Present: Philip Edwards (Clerk), District Councillor David Wood


There was no participation from members of the public


Apologies for absence were received from Cllr J O’Nians


Cllr David Duckett declared an interest regarding the village hall grant application


RESOLVED: The Parish Council meeting minutes of Thursday 12th January 2023 were confirmed as an accurate record and signed by Chairman.

2303_[5] REPORTS

(a) Chairman’s Report

To receive a report from the Chairman

  • Update on damage to prospect style – The Chairman had made repairs to the fencing, but this had been further damaged. The Chairman asked for recommendations to seek quotes to repair the metal work and posts in the fence. It was agreed that the Chairman should ask local services for a quotation.
  • BANES local plan – The Chairman reported on the local plan workshop forum, also attended by the Clerk. Concerns regarding the potential destruction of rural living were highlighted.
  • Police Commissioner and Parish Councillor Forum – The Chairman reported on attendance at this meeting and gave a review on the presentation, included a reported 20% increase in the use of weapons and a 15% increase in burgulary.
  • Independent Advise Group to the police – The Chairman gave a report on his attendance at the meeting and highlighted the use of the service ‘What Three Words’ as a recognised means of accurately locating rural locations. It was recommended that residents familiarise themselves with the app in order to be able to communicate locations to service providers and emergency services. See https://what3words.com/

(b) Clerk’s Report

  • Coronation mugs had been delivered ready for distribution
  • Avon and Somerset Police neighbourhood team had been invited to attend future meetings. The clerk had been added to an email alerts list. Cyber crime and fraud prevention training open to the public was expected to be taking place at Temple Cloud Village Hall in June. Details and dates expected to be confirmed later at: https://www.templecloud.org.uk/
  • ALCA were currently offering e-learning online training, including introduction to local councils course free to members of the council. The Clerk had undertaken this training
  • Noted: correspondence shared with council members listed in appendix
  • Election recruitment – a page on becoming a councillor in the elections had been added to the website
  • The council confirmed that they would like to continue the arrangement for maintenance of the footpaths with P Edwards for 2023/24

(c) Members Reports

Playing Field: The council expressed their thanks to Colston Gay for cutting the playing field hedges at the end of last year, and requested the Clerk to send an official letter of thanks.

Jubilee Bench: Cllrs C Elliot agreed to check for a quote from the contractor who had advised about a foundation pad for the Jubilee bench.

jubilee bench was discussed at the end of the meeting, just before the meeting was closed

(d) Ward Councillor’s Report

The Ward Councillor arrived during item 2303_[9] coronation planning, the report was given after item 2303_[9]

District Cllr David Wood reported that the District Council budget had been approved, with £13M of savings that had to be found. Frontline services had been protected, with £2M towards road repairs. The road from the Barbury to Cameley Lane had been requested for resurfacing, and was yet to be confirmed as part of the planned patching budget. £50K had been assigned for drainage works on Coley Hill. It was noted that the drains would need repairing before any resurfacing works.

2303_[6] FINANCE

(a) Payments and income – see appendix 2023-03 Finance Reports

  1. RESOLVED: payments approved listed in finance reports.
  2. Noted: payments and Income
  3. RESOLVED: The bank reconciliation statement had been checked by Cllr Huffadine
  4. RESOLVED: A confidential session was not needed to review HR matters as there were no members of the public
  5. Clerk annual salary and performance review:
    The Chairman thanked the Clerk for exemplary work performance during the year.
    RESOLVED: The council awarded a one point salary scale increase from 1st March 2023 in line with the employment contract for exemplary performance.
    RESOLVED: The council confirmed a one point salary scale from 1st April 2023 in line with the employment contract for automatic annual increases.


There were no outstanding consultation requests. Recent planning decisions were noted.

2303_[8] MAY 2023 ELECTIONS

Voting ID – It was highlighted that changes to legislation mean that voters would need to show photo ID when voting in person at a polling station. Details had been posted on the website. (See appendix)

Details and a timetable for standing for election at the Parish Council elections in May had been posted on the website. (see appendix)

It was highlighted that the Parish Council needed members of the public to stand for office to fill possible vacancies in May. Any members of the public interested could view details online or contact the Clerk.


It was reported that the Village Hall was planning to organise a Big Coronation Lunch (bring your own community lunch) on Sunday 7th May. The Clerk was requested to hire two portable toilets for the playing field subject to a maximum cost as requested by the council and agreed between the Clerk and Chairman.


RESOLVED: The date for the annual parish meeting: 18th May 2023  19:00 – 19:30


RESOLVED : Grant application for the village hall approved for £350. (Cllr Duckett did not discuss or vote on this item)
RESOLVED : Grant application for upkeep of the church yard approved for £250.


RESOLVED : Date of next meeting: Thursday 18th May 2023, 7.30pm at Hinton Blewett village hall.

Schedule of council meetings: https://hintonblewettpc.co.uk/diary-of-parish-council-meetings/

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 21:10

Agreed as a correct record,
signed by the Chairman of the meeting: _______________________ on:_______________
(Chairman initial all other pages)