Scheme of Delegation – Exceptional Circumstances

The Councils Scheme of Delegation authorises the Clerk to the Council/Responsible Finance Officer and Standing Committees to act with delegated authority in the specific circumstances detailed.

Delegation to Clerk for Exceptional Circumstances

  1. The Council delegates authority to the Clerk in consultation with the Chairman and Vice Chairman or in exceptional circumstances without consultation where consultation has not been possible, to take any actions necessary with associated expenditure up to £2500 to protect the interests of the community and ensure council business continuity, informed by consultation with the available members of the council.
  2. This policy is to be an option of last resort, where to not take action may cause significant loss or risk. For example, the renewal of the annual council insurance policy, or emergency works to make council property or equipment safe.
  3. The limits of budgetary control and authority to spend in the Financial Regulations are raised to £2500, in the event of exceptional circumstances, in order to implement this scheme of delegation.