2022-09 Finance Reports

Payments Schedules to Approve:

  • £96.00 Primrose – grass cutting
  • £160.00 – C Light – playing field mow
  • £20.70 P Edwards – mileage claim

Invoices checked and signed by Cllr Huffadine

Payments to note

Receipts to note

To Note: The Credit Card analysis shows transaction dates as the date of the direct debit collection from the bank account and not the invoice date.

Source: Rialtus -> Cashbook -> Cashbook Reports: Receipts by name

Year to date spend against budget:

Bank Reconciliation

Bank Rec Balances:

Accounting software has been updated to excel, new bank rec statement corresponds to new combined payments cashbook and combined receipts cashbook:

Previous Rialtus accounting software, with three separate payments and receipts cashbooks:

To note: The credit card cash book records payments on the date that full payment is taken by direct debit each month. This normally results in a zero balance on the reconciliation report. New credit card transactions are not recorded in the cash book until the next payment is made in full. This is to enable compliance with the JPAG regulation that states ‘Credit card balances are not acceptable reconciling items for bank reconciliation purposes’.

Source: Rialtus -> Management Reports ->Annual Return ->Cash & Investment Reconciliation

  • Posted: 23rd August 2022