Resistograph Survey

Email from play inspection company: Thank you for your enquiry regarding resistograph testing to your equipment as discussed.  Options for the equipment having the test as listed below. ProductQuantityUnit PriceNet TotalResistograph/Timber Testing – 1 Bay 2 Seat SwingOR1£395.00£395.00Resistograph/Timber Testing – 1 Bay 2 Seat Swing & Log Weave1£495.00£495.00Please note that all prices are exclusive of … Read more

  • Posted: 12th January 2022

2022-01 Report – Mobile Phone Options

It is suggested that the Clerk be provided with a mobile phone and call package to make and receive calls. This would allow the council to have a permanent mobile number to contact the Clerk. This would also allow the mobile phone to be passed onto other members or staff if the Clerk is not … Read more

  • Posted: 7th January 2022

Agenda for Parish Council Meeting, 13th January 2022

The agenda with details of business to be transacted at the parish council meeting. Includes councillor summons to attend, meeting time and location. An appendix of related documents can be found on the last page of the agenda.

2022-01 Finance Reports

Finance reports and payment schedules for the Parish Council meeting 2022-01

  • Posted: 7th January 2022