Apart from its regular Council meeting, the Parish Council has a Planning Committee.  The responsibilities for the Council and Committee meetings are listed below.

Minutes for these committees can be found in Current agendas and Minutes.  Agendas are also published on the public notice board outside the Ring O’Bells public house.

Parish Council Meeting
The Parish Council has an important role in the work of B&NES Council. The range of responsibilities is quite varied and covers all financial matters, including preparing a budget for the annual precept from B&NES Council.  The Parish Council also has duty of care of the Barbary and interfaces with B&NES on matters such as highway repairs, footpath maintenance as well as most matters affecting the local community.

Planning Committee
The Planning Committee has to make recommendations to B&NES Council on all planning applications affecting Hinton Blewett parish.  If the recommendation of this Council coincides with that of B&NES, the case officer can deal with the matter under delegated authority.  (There is an exception where the application is classed as major development).  If there is a difference of opinion, the application will be put to B&NES Development Committee where a final decision will be made.

The Planning Committee meets to determine an application within twenty-one days of receipt of notification. The views of the Committee are put in writing to Development Control at B&NES. Parishioners are welcome to address the meeting with regard to a planning application.

Playing Field Management Committee
The committee membership consists of three members of council including chair and vice chair, plus three co-opted parishioners.  The committee meets on a need-to basis.  All decisions made by the Playing field Management Committee involving health and safety or expenditure are referred to the Parish Council for approval.  Additional members can be co-opted as required.  Standing Orders in respect of committees will apply.

The following Terms of Reference were approved by the Parish Council on the 28th November 2012:

The committee will:

  • Assist the Parish Council with arrangements for the preparation and on-going maintenance and safe use of the playing field.
  • Investigate and consider the appropriateness of any play equipment for installation at the playing field.
  • Seek funding for the provision of any equipment.
  • Help promote and encourage use of the playing field by members of the parish.